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Broadcasters in France and Italy have come onboard an animated fantasy series based on a range of figurines being coproduced by Zodiak Kids Studios (ZKS) and producers in Asia and Europe.

Website News Magiki Update c

Magiki is based on a range of figurine characters

French children’s channel Gulli and Super, run by Zodiak Media’s parent company DeAgostini, will air Magiki (52×11ʹ′), which is set to go into production this summer for delivery in 2016/17.

ZKS’s copro partners are Malaysian 2D animation specialist Animasia Studio, DeAgostini Publishing, which owns the rights to the property, Winx Club producer Rainbow in Italy and Planeta in Spain.

The series follows a young girl and her brother who are sent to a kingdom where she is made princess and given a magical key that she uses to help her people solve their daily problems.

Magiki was launched in 2009 and is made up of 11 collections of 120 characters, with more than 17 million products sold to date, according to Zodiak.

The production will be overseen by Eryk Casemiro, chief creative officer at ZKS, and Benoît Runel, MD of ZKS France. Zodiak Kids holds worldwide TV and licensing rights to the series.

Animasia MD Edmund Chanpreviously told C21 the coproduction deal will mark the first time the studio has worked on a series that skews female, adding that he believes the storyline and L&M products will appeal to an Asian audience.

The coproduction deal with Animasia was brokered by Stephane Aldebert, MD of Moutarde & Wasabi, a consultancy and advisory firm that specialises in coproduction with Asia.

The news comes as international production giants Banijay Group and Zodiak Media hold talks about a potential merger.

By: Nico Franks 18­‐06­‐2015 ©C21Media


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