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By Selva Rajan, 26th November 2017,

A major coup for local creative content scene, when news broke about the largest streaming video service provider Netflix acquiring cartoon rights to Harry & Bunnie and Chuck Chicken from local animation house, Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd.

Pushing creative content to the fore, MDEC has been instrumental in getting the local publishers to expand their talents beyond the country and look at regional global broadcasters to sell their products. The agency has been active in promoting Malaysian company’s tour missions and creative events. As a result Animasia recently signed an MOU (witnessed by MDEC CEO,Dato Yasmin Mahmood) with Sasbadi for publishing right to Chuck Chicken, whereby the education provider will be able to print materials, comics and using technology like augmented reality and games across the world.

The award-winning animated TV series has received global popularity where it has been licensed to broadcast on global networks such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon as well as major satellite and provincial networks in China.

Kids watching Disney would have been familiar with Animasia creations Supa Strikas, a football team cartoon competing with international players closely resembling current names in top leagues. Singapore based MediaCorp Suria has taken up another four season, the show is playing in over 130 countries. Bola Kampung another similar themed program has been acquired by Isreal based Yes Kidz channel.

With Netflix now playing a role in broadcasting the two new cartoons on its channels, Animasia will now have its program accessible to 100 million subscribers. If there were doubts about Malaysian made creative products competing with the likes of Hollywood, Disney or Europe, Animasia has just showcased the talents and capability residing in this country.


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