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Mighty Mechs

Format: 52 x 11 mins (3D)
Audience: Pre School & Gender Neutral
Genre: Comedy, Adventure & Environmental Protection
Jason is the young leader of a team of fearless robots tasked with fixing environmental troubles on every sacle. It can be as large as mending a broken dam or finding a new home for a family of endangered birds. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by the Mighty Mechs team. The four colourful robots on the team have distinct personalities and specialise in a different set of skills. Dozer is the earth and geography expert. Echo communicates with animals and insects. Boomer is the transportation specialist and Clay excels at construction and demolitions. When they get the emergency call the robots go through a device called the Dyna Machine which outfits each of the robots with the necessary equipments and tools, turning them into a vehicle best suited for the emergency, whether it’s a tractor, a dump truck or excavator; making them ready for any kind of action! Their missions sometimes take them to different countries, where they interact and learn about other cultures. Their goal is to not only save the environment but also to spread the word about protecting it.