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High accomplishments and accolades mark Durioo’s one-year anniversary

Popular streaming platform, Durioo+ celebrated their one-year anniversary leading with great success as one of the top SVOD targeting Muslim children in Southeast Asia.

Durioo+ founded by Sinan Ismail adheres to the mission of producing Islamic children’s animated series for the world market. In addition to animation, Durioo+ is a technology startup that offers a safe streaming platform for kids that can be watched on mobile phones, tablets, smart televisions, Android boxes, and more.

Some of their popular animated series, include Mila & Mina, Little Ammar, and Bubu Lala. Other popular series, such as Bola Kampung, Chuck Chicken, and Beyblade will be added in March 2023.

For almost ten years, Sinan Ismail has been creating educational content for children. As the CEO and co-founder of Digital Durian, he has published Didi & Friends and Omar & Hana on YouTube, with an outstanding achievement of more than 8 billion views since 2014, and recently released a movie based on the popular series.

In just one year, Durioo+ has hastily risen in popularity within Southeast Asia with their animation series and has been on several charitable and educational events, such as the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, and Cinta Gaza Malaysia.

“Animasia Studio would like to give our congratulations to Durioo+ for their great achievement on their first anniversary. The founder has been a close friend to the company for many years as we watched the development and rise in popularity of Didi & Friends and Durioo+ as a company. We wish you great success for years to come.”  Raye Lee (Executive Director of Animasia Group)

“It is part of our mission to work with local producers from Malaysia. Having Bola Kampung, Chuck Chicken and Beyblade from Animasia Group is great for our subscribers. We aspire that one day we can create Durioo+ Originals together and continue to strengthen our relationship to benefit the industry together.” Sinan Ismail (Founder and CEO of Durioo Sdn Bhd)

The 1st of March hits Durioo+’s one-year mark, the company will be pushing forward for more success to be the most subscribe education streaming platform.

Source: Television Asia (TVA)