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Set in the enchanting backdrop of Southeast Asian supernatural folklore, the series weaves the challenges of growing up into the relatable and humorous adventures of two teenage undead skeleton best friends, Zack and Sam.

Recently premiering at last weekend’s Malaysia Digital Content Festival 2023, Kisah Bawah Tanah fuses supernatural folklore and comedy, giving attendees a unique viewing experience.

Unlike typical Malaysian animated shows, Kisah Bawah Tanah caters to audiences aged 13 and beyond, marking it as the first Malaysian cartoon not aimed at young children.

The journey of Kisah Bawah Tanah began in 2018 when it won the Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) contest. With support from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation, the franchise has achieved remarkable milestones, including a Malaysian Silver Award in Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting Station’s DigiCON6 Asia Awards.

The series was also showcased at the Asian Animation Summit, contributing to the series’ imminent production.

Going beyond the screen, Kisah Bawah Tanah is transforming into a versatile brand, with plans unveiled for TikTok micro shorts, webcomics, music, merchandise, and immersive activations.

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The expansion isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about creating numerous job opportunities in Malaysia’s booming animation sector.

Stay updated on Kisah Bawah Tanah’s development through their official website.

Source: IGN