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Animasia Animation Studio - Disrributor Spotlight

Distributor Spotlight: Animasia Studio

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ADDRESS: No.2 & 4, Jalan Sri Jati 2, Taman Sri Jati, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TELEPHONE: (603) 7787-6987




PROGRAMS: ABC Monsters: 26×22 min., 2D animation/HD/digital, preschool/edutainment, 4-6; Balla Bowl: 2×70 min., 2D animation, action/sports, 7-11; Bola Kampung Xtreme: 13×22 min.,

2D animation/HD/digital, action/sports, 7-11; Robokicks (Bola Kampung Movie): 1×95 min., CGI, action/adventure/comedy/sports, 7+; Chuck Chicken: 52×11 min., 2D animation/HD/digital, comedy/action/adventure, 7-11; Fairytales from the Orient: 26×22 min., 2D animation, folklores, 7-11; Harry and Bunny Show: 78×7 min., 2D animation/HD/digital, non-dialogue/slapstick comedy, 7-11; Kung Fook College: 52×11 min., 2D animation/HD/digital, action/comedy, 7-

11; Supa Strikas: 39×22 min., 2D animation/HD/digital, sports/action, 7-11.

TRAILERS: Please visit Animasia Studio’s Screening Room to view clips ofChuck ChickenSupa StrikasABC MonstersHarry and Bunny ShowBola Kampung XtremeFairytales from the

OrientBola Kampung MovieBalla Bowl and Kung Fook College.

“Animasia Studio, being one of the leading studios in Asia,

[attended] both MIPJunior and MIPCOM with the objective of

introducing its latest content such as Chuck ChickenHarry

and Bunny Show and Kung Fook College. These great concepts have strong story lines and unique character design and are targeted at kids ages 7 to 11. We would like to meet and discuss with potential buyers, distributors and investors to explore co-production opportunities with Animasia. On the other hand, we are also a trusted work-for-hire studio that delivers high-quality animation services; therefore, if there are

producers out there looking for good studios to support their show, please do consider Animasia as your preferred partner in Asia.”

—Edmund Chan, Managing Director