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By Selva Rajan, 9th August 2017

During MDEC’s animation and creative content event Kre8tif, an unorthodox memorandum of understanding took place between Animasia Studio creators of Chuck Chicken animation and Sasbadi Holdings a public listed school book publisher.

While the digital space is rife with energetic young innovators ever ready to disrupt traditional business models often leaving them in the sidelines, Sasbadi and Animasia will be working together to bring Chuck Chicken series to print in the form of comics incorporating AR technology..

“We see AR as a step forward for the animation and print industries to bridge the gap between still pages and animated or CGI visuals, bringing a whole new level of experience to the consumer market. The alliance between Animasia Studio and Sasbadi Holdings is a prime example of the aspiration we have in diversifying their intellectual properties beyond traditional interpretations,” shared Dato’Yasmin CEO of MDEC.

Kre8tif aims to bring the local animation and creative content industry to a global level, there are enormous potential for the industry and has now become one of the main contributor to the national income over recent years.

With the theme ‘Emotion In Motion’, Kre8tif! over 500 participants from Malaysia, South Korea, India, China, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines are expected to take part. The four-day event is divided into three main areas: conference, business and markets networking session, and a content festival. Speakers lined for the event includes a mix of local and international representatives, such as Dan Sarto from Animation World Network, Shazia Makhdumi from Google Play, and our very own animation veteran, Hassan Muthalib.

In celebration of the region’s finest animation content, the Kre8tif! Content Festival will be open to animation aficionados and the public from 11 to 12 August 2017, at the TSI Sports Arena, Cyberjaya.


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