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Chuck Chicken Season 2

Format: 52 x 11min (HD)
Audience: Age 7 – 11
Genre: Comedy Action
Return to Rocky Perch, the island filled with some of the craziest birds that always seem to attract chaos and mayhem all over their little abode. However, who’s ready to defend Rocky Perch? It’s Golden Egg Securities, the number one security service on the island. It’s lead by Chuck Chicken and his two best friends, Flick and Wing. Wise cracking monsters? Check. Flaming ninjas? Check. U.U.F.O’s (Unfriendly Unidentified Flying Objects)? Check. You name it, whatever diabolical evildoer or catastrophe that comes their way, the Golden Egg Securities trio is ready to handle everything with their kung fu bravado and wits. Especially Chuck, who has inherited an amazing talisman in the shape of a golden egg, which bestows him incredible powers and transforms him into Kung Fu Chicken!