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Robokicks (Bola Kampung The Movie)

Format: 95 mins (CGI Feature Movie)
Audience: 7 Above
Genre: Sports Action, Adventure & Comedy
Amanda, a young princess from the virtual game world ‘Kingdom Hill’, has been sent to Kampung Gong Lechar in search for the legendary ‘Suria Warrior’, the saviour to her Kingdom’s crisis. As she arrives in Kampung Gong Lechar, her memory is lost, and Iwan, the hero of Bola Kampung, mistakenly introduces Amanda as his cousin who has come to visit their village during their school holidays. After spending days in the village with Iwan and his friends, an assassin from the game world arrives to hunt for the missing Princess Amanda. As she regains her lost memories, Amanda’s search for the Suria Warrior is over as she realises that Sabok is the chosen warrior she had been looking for. However, she is soon caught and brought back into the game world by the evil assassin. Iwan and his friends immediately agree to help and save Princess Amanda and her kingdom. “When Fantasy Crosses Reality”