Animasia Animation Studio

ABC Monsters Books

Alison Skilton, TVKids, 29 September 19 – Almond Project is set to develop a collection of books based on Animasia Animation Studio’s Harry & Bunnie and ABC Monsters series.

The author Philip Obsourne was chosen to adapt both series. ABC Monsters is a preschool edutainment series that has sing-along songs available in English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Neutral Spanish, Korean, Polish and Urdu.

It is currently available on A+ Kid TV (Israel and France), Kuwait TV, YouKu (China) and Global Toons (Mexico) and was previously streamed on Canal+ (Poland), Kids Talk Talk (Korea), PCCW (Hong Kong), Okto & Suria (Singapore), CN SEA and iflix (Malaysia).

Harry & Bunnie, meanwhile, is a non-dialogue slapstick comedy series for preschoolers that streams globally on Netflix, excluding China. The show is also available on Disney (APAC countries), Youku, Sohu (China), TV3 and TV9 (Malaysia), VTM Kids (Belgium), Trans7 (Indonesia ) and NIKI Kids (Ukraine).

Osbourne has been working on movie screenplays and comic books for the American market (among them, Jenna with Jim Fern and Joe Rubinstein, and with the original score by Iron Maiden’s Paul Di Anno), articles for Cinema magazines and pitches for movie projects together with Brian Yuzna. Osbourne’s books are published in several countries (Italy, France, Turkey, the U.S., Germany, Russia and Brazil, among others).