• Starhub – SENSASI TV (Singapore) licensed Animasia’s “Cerita Rakyat Asia” & “Supa Strikas”
  • 4th June, Cartoon Network Asia premiered BOLA KAMPUNG Xtreme for 16 Asian countries. Primetime kids slot – Every Saturday & Sunday, 8am
  • With the good rating of Bola Kampung season 1 – 4 on Mediacorp
  • SURIA Channel (Singapore). SURIA continue to license the newest season of Bola Kampung season 5 & Bola Kampung Xtrem
  • The largest transit network – Asia Media Group Bhd (Digital TV screens on Public Transports) licensed Animasia’s branded content package – Bola Kampung, Cerita Rakyat Asia & ABC Monsters MTV
  • ROLL No.21 (a servicing project from Cartoon Network Asia) premier on Cartoon Network India with extremely well received With the good performance, Cartoon Network Asia immediately signed another 52eps x 11min servicing contract with Animasia
  • TVN, B-Channel (Top children channel in Indonesia) licensed Bola Kampung all season & premiered the program in February 2011