PJ Half Marathon

Giant inflatable Iwan woke up so early in the morning and went to the field

"Bola Kampung" this time was working with The Star to entertain thousands of crowds at the PJ Half Marathon on 30th September 2012. It was such a big day for Iwan and friends because there were several big moments of them bringing surprises to the audiences.

One of the highlights was the official declaration of the giant Iwan inflatable to be the tallest (32 ft tall) in the country and marked on the Malaysia Book of Record.

Besides, Iwan and friends also performed a Korean "Oppa Gangnam Style" parody called "The Bola Kampung Style" flashmob and stole the attention of the audiences for a few times.

There were also game booths for the audiences to win prizes while having fun playing games. The games were such as the "Dunking Machine" where people have to throw the tennis ball to the bull eye and make the "victim" to be dunked into a big barrel of water. Another game booth was the "Football Challenge" that people have to score the football into the opening on the banner and win prizes.

The event was very successful and Iwan, especially the giant inflatable at the center of the field, managed to be brought homes by many in their mind.

Jedi Knights also there to cheer the crowds

People were lining up to dunk the poor guy into the water

Official declaration of the tallest inflatable mascot in the country and Book of Record by (from left): GSC General Manager (Mr. Irving Chee), Animasia Studio

"Bola Kampung" was bringing fun flashmob to the audiences with Korean "Oppa Gangnam Style" parody named "The Bola Kampung Style"

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