1) Television Content Development & Production

a) Full Length 2D & 3D Animation series
b) Full Length 2D & 3D Animation series in High Definition format
c) Animation Trailers and Pilot episodes
d) 2D & 3D Television commercials

2) Animated Feature Film Development & Production

3) Multimedia Services

a) Interactive CD-ROM/VCD/DVD
b) Game Animation & Interface
c) Mobile Contents
d) 3D Walk through
e) 3D modelling

4) Pre & Post Production Services

a) Story board output
b) Animatics
c) Concept & Character Development
d) Script Development
e) Compositing & Editing Services (Non-Linear System)

5) Product Development & Supply

a) Merchandise style Guide Preparation
b) Product Design & Sourcing
c) Stationeries & Paper Product Supply

6) Other Value Added Services

a) Animation Director
b) Creative Director
c) Animation Co-Production & Investment Services
d) Animation Planning & Marketing
e) Merchandise Planning and Marketing