Corporate Information

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Welcome to the home of Animasia Studio. As a one-stop answer to the production of digital contents, Animasia Studio, a 2D Animation Studio, offers out-of-the-world creative animation through an on-going idea of oozing colour, fun, adventure and turning still life into motion animated series & cartoon series.

Busting our way through multimedia, animation and various artworks, we're proudly the first few ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) animation company and also an MSC Malaysia Status Company with more than 10 years of experience in animation.

Running since 1996, we have stalked and swatted our way into taking our clients to a height of winning numerous awards in Asia. Though sleepless nights, cheer leading and till-death-do-us-part episodes, understanding the clients’ visions and meeting their standards is our home run.

In the capacity of character design, concept artwork 
and storyboarding, Animasia Studio, the biggest animation service provider in Malaysia, has excelled 
many Government Ministries and creative 
companies based in Malaysia and abroad.

We are on the flight to becoming one of the world's most creative content makers and to date has created the following Intellectual Properties (I.P.):

  A.  “Asian Folklores” a.k.a. “Cerita Rakyat Asia” [26 epd x 22 min]
  B.  “Bola Kampung” a.k.a. “Football Kidz” [52 epd x 22 min]
  C.  “ABC Monster” [26 epd x 11 min]
  D.  “ABC Monster” Special [26 epd x 11 min]
  E.   Supa Strikas [26 epd x 22 min]
  F.  Chuck Chicken  (in Development) [52 epd x 22 min]
  G.  Bugg & Ozzy  (in Development) [26 epd x 3 min]
  H.  “Bola Kampung Xtreme” [13 epd x 22 min]
  I.  “Balla Bowl” Telemovie 
  (co-production project with Cartoon Network Asia)
[2 epd x 70 min]
  J.  Harry & Bunny  (in Development) [78 epd x 7 min]

Plus, we've also scratched full certification from the Malaysian Government as a certified multimedia company and a studio awarded with FINAS Licences and Treasury (Kewangan) Licences.