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Animation: Bola Kampung The Movie

Bola Kampung The Movie

Amanda, a young princess from the virtual game world "Kingdom Hill", has been sent to Kampung Gong Lechar in search of the legendary "Suria Warrior", the savior to her Kingdom's crisis...

Animation: Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas is based on the hit comic book series available in 15 countries across Europe, South America and Africa...

Animation: Harry & Bunnie

Harry & Bunnie

Introducing Harry the magician, Bunnie the stage rabbit and Madam Penny, a Gypsy fortune teller. ...

Animation: Balla Bowl

Balla Bowl

Sachin is a young boy who eats, sleeps and dreams cricket. The only problem is his school, B.K. Municipal High does not support their cricket dream...

Mobile App

Mobile App

We are excited to design and develop interesting applications that integrate with our lovely characters from cartoon series for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now for Android...

Animation: Chuck Chicken

Chuck Chicken

Chuck Chicken takes place on an island called Rocky Perch, a land filled with chaos, mayhem and birds...

Animation: ABC-Monsters

ABC Monsters

The ABC Monsters are on the loose and only Alice Brian and Cherry Berry can catch them...

Animation: Bola Kampung X

Bola Kampung X

A brand new and exciting season of Bola Kampung “X” where it all began one day when Iwan and his friends stumble upon a group of kids...

Welcome to Animasia Animation Studio

As a one-stop answer to the production of digital contents, Animasia Studio, a 2D Animation Studio, offers out-of-the-world creative animation through an on-going idea of oozing colour, fun, adventure and turning still life into motion animated series & cartoon series.

Busting our way through animation, multimedia and various artworks, we're proudly the first few ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) animation company and also an MSC Malaysia Status Company with more than 10 years of experience in animation.

Running since 1996, we have stalked and swatted our way into taking our clients to a height of winning numerous awards in Asia.

In the capacity of character design, concept artwork
and storyboarding, Animasia Studio, the biggest
animation service provider in Malaysia, has
many Government Ministries
and creative 
companies based
in Malaysia and Asia.

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