•Animasia Studio has collaborated with MarketJS from Hong Kong to create “Chuck Chicken Magic Egg” a bouncing ball strategy game for Facebook Instant Games and Google Play.

•Animasia Studio and the European Company Apolo Films have just signed an agreement that will enable the European company to distribute Chuck Chicken and Harry & Bunnie in the European territories.

•Chuck Chicken Junior Warrior was invited to the Selamat Pagi Malaysia Show on TV1

•Signing Ceremony with Felda United FC for the 2019 Sponsorship

•Chuck Chicken made it into the New Straits Times Newspaper.

•Sent ‘Chuck Chicken’ to Portugal with SIC K

•Licensed ‘ABC Monsters’ and ‘Chuck Chicken’ to Canada with Toon-A-Vision

•Collaborated with Dot Republic Media to dub ‘Fairytales from the Orient’ into Urdu

•Developed a line of books based on ‘Harry & Bunnie’ and ‘ABC Monsters’ with The Almond Project.

•Launched The Chuck & Friends Virtual Run with 139bpm which was our first Virtual Run.

•Iwan and Azizul was a part of the Animation Parade along along with Ejen Ali, Boboboi, Didi & Friends and more on 31st August Malaysian Independence Day

•Bola Kampung Official Youtube Channel has reached 100 thousand subscribers and received the Silver Play Button.

•Attended the FUFC Sponsor Workshop along with the other sponsors.

•Attended the Selangor Smart City & Economy Convention in MITEC Selangor

•Helped to sponsor the Hari Keluarga & Majlis Graduasi Tabika Kemas Syaidina Umar event.



• Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd has inked a USD 4 mil Co-Production deal with Zoland Animation during MIPCOM 2018.

• The second season of “Chuck Chicken” was announced at MIPCOM 2018.

• Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd has inked a partnership deal with Australia’s Koala Pop Korn, and IndieCo Group’s Easy Website in a Box to be sold and distributed within the Australia region using Chuck Chicken characters.

 • Partnership with Kidz World, a company based in Barcelona, Spain to manufacture sugar confectionaries such as candies, lollypops, biscuits, cookies for sale and distribution within Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia (Except China) using their Chuck Chicken and Chuck Chicken Power Up brands.

 • Partnership with Malaysian food manufacturer and distribution company, Foodie4U, to create snack food such as Crackers and Biscuits using “Chuck Chicken” and “Chuck Chicken Power Up” characters for sale and distribution within Malaysia.

 • Animasia Studio has signed a multi IP deal with MCM Studios, to license “Chuck Chicken”, “ Chuck Chicken Power Up” and “Harry & Bunnie” brands to appear as Indoor Attractions in an upcoming Entertainment Mall based in Johor, Malaysia.

 • MoU and MoA signing ceremony between Animasia Studio, Sambill Park (M) Sdn Bhd and Ad Glow for Chuck Chicken Junior Warrior Competition at Southeast Asia and China during the Hong Kong Licensing Show on January 2018.

• Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad on board as the official media partner for Chuck Chicken Junior Warrior Competition. • Chuck Chicken joins in the KPDNKK governmental #pastikanOri Campaign.

• Magiki is set to air on Discovery Kids (the Middle East and South Africa), Pubcaster Karusel (Russia) and ITI Neovision (Poland) for its children’s channel MiniMini.

• Animasia Studio as co-sponsor for FELDA United Football Club (FUFC) for the 2018 – 2020 season, incorporating Bola Kampung Characters.

• First ever Chuck Chicken crossover with CMRT Eurasia Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 racecar, the 2017 Blancpain GT Series AM Cup Champions.

• Chuck Chicken Official Youtube Channel achieved 100k subscribers within 9 months since the launch of the Channel. • The Animasia Los Angeles Office at California has set up under the Animasia Group. The subsidiary mainly focuses on pre-production Build (Designs, Storyboard & scripts) and concept development.

• Announced a partnership with Zoland Animation during the CICAF 2018 at HangZhou for Animasia Studio business expansion into the China market.

• MarketJS licensed Chuck Chicken for the development of some fun casual games. The company is looking at a minimum of 5 games and up to 10 games for the release on both B2B and B2C platforms.

• Launch of Chuck Chicken, Harry & Bunnie and Silent Horror made-to-order e-commerce site for US, Canada & Mexico.




 • Inked the deal between Zero One Animation with Tang Chao for “Chuck Chicken” Plastic Toys licensing and distribution in China.

• Unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming $8.5 million (RMB 60 million) co-production of “Chuck Chicken the Movie” at the Hong Kong FILMART.

• Launching of “Chuck Chicken aka KungFu Chicken” plastic toys during GuangZhou Toys Fair.

• X-System, a premiere entertainment and live-show specialist based in Singapore and Australia licensed “Chuck Chicken” for Live stage shows in South East Asia.

• Appointed Sessom Asia as the Licensing Agent who will represent “Chuck Chicken” and “Harry & Bunny” for Southeast Asia regional licensing and merchandising activities.

• Release of “Chuck Chicken” Parkour Mobile Game in China.

• Team up with Pilla-Scheetz Productions to produce “The Nine Lives of Claw” with the writer of SpongeBob SquarePants on board.

• Chuck Chicken has successfully landed on several channels in Asia and now broadcasting on Wuhan Kids TV (China), MediaCorp Suria Channel (Singapore), and Media Prima TV9 (Malaysia).

• Inks deal with Sasbadi Holdings Berhad for the global publishing rights for the printed materials for “Chuck Chicken”. The line of books includes innovative technologies like Augmented Reality and games as added value.

• Chuck Chicken and Harry & Bunnie are acquired by Netflix for global streaming rights.

• Harry & Bunnie expending its presence on Free TV channels in Malaysia, Indonesia and Belgium. The show also landing on premium platform such as Tencent Video, Youku, YanHua Media, Lutong Net, Suma Vision and CIBN in China.

• Secured a deal to bring ABC Monsters and Bola Kampung to China in 2018.

• Launch of Chuck Chicken Official Youtube page along with the release of “Chuck Chicken Power Up” Webisodes.

• Bola Kampung has signed to Yes Kidz (Israel) and scheduled to air in Israel in January 2018.

• MediaCorp Suria Channel picks up Supa Strikas season 4 & 5.

• Toad Publishing Malaysia licenses Bola Kampung to produce a a range of coloring books and will distribute through its distribution channel in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

• The First Chuck Chicken Fun Run held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya on 10th December 2017.



• Best Animation Series on New Media at China for Chuck Chicken.

• Announcement of the “KungFu Chicken a.k.a Chuck Chicken Movie” during the Hong Kong FILMART.

• Establishment of the Animasia Studio office at Los Angeles.

• Best Animated Film [Direct-to-DVD (Home Video/Telefilms] at the FICCI Awards for “Roll No. 21”.

• Release of the “Harry & Bunnie” TV series on Disney APAC.

• Nominated for Best 2D animation series at the Asian Television Awards for “Chuck Chicken”.



• “ABC Monsters” enters North America with a partnership with Ncircle Entertainment.

• Co Production with Zodiak Kids Studios to produce animated preschool series “Magiki”

• 3rd Prize in “National Premium Quality Children” Product Category in China.

• Finalist of “Anugerah Harta Intelek Negara” (AHIN 2015) for the Category of Copyright for “Bola Kampung”.

• Silver Award for Best Intellectual Property at “Anugerah Harta Intelek Negara” (AHIN 2015) for “Bola Kampung”.

• Finalist of “Anugerah Harta Intelek Negara” (AHIN 2015) for the Category of Best Organization.

• Nominated for Best Animated Series category in the 27th Malaysia Film Festival for “Chuck Chicken”.

• Gold Award for Animated TV series at The 3rd Youth China Excellent Children’s Work for “Chuck Chicken”.

• Release of the “Chuck Chicken” TV series on Disney S.E.A on August 2015.



• Double Nomination for Asia TV Awards (Singapore) for Best 2D Animation on “Roll No 21 Movie” and “Roll No 21” series.

• Best Participation Company under category MOHR-ILB during MDEC Talent Partners Appreciation & Networking Event.

• Release of the “Bola Kampung Movie” DVD in Japan. • Best Animation (Silver Award) in the Xiamen Animation Festival for “Chuck Chicken” Chicken”.

• First Prize in Innovative Telecommunication Category and Second Prize in Calculator Software Design Category at the 91st Bai Du Awards.

• Most recognized animation by China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) for “Chuck Chicken”.



• International Emmy Kids Award Nominee for Best Animation for “Ask Lara”.

• Our first feature film “Bola Kampung Movie” released in cinemas.

• Awarded the Brand Malaysia Certification.



• Asia TV Awards (S’pore) for Best 2D Animations for “Roll No 21”.

• 30th Sept, Animasia Studio is listed in “The Malaysia Book of Records” for having the Biggest Inflatable Mascot.

• Ask Lara, (servicing project) was nominated at International Emmy @ Kids Award.

• Animasia Studio is the winner of iPi Motion Capture August Challenge 2012. Title : Bola Kampung Hari Raya Greetings.



• Starhub – SENSASI TV (Singapore) licensed Animasia’s “Cerita Rakyat Asia” & “Supa Strikas”

• 4th June, Cartoon Network Asia premiered BOLA KAMPUNG Xtreme for 16 Asian countries. Primetime kids slot – Every Saturday & Sunday, 8am

• With the good rating of Bola Kampung season 1 – 4 on Mediacorp

• SURIA Channel (Singapore). SURIA continue to license the newest season of Bola Kampung season 5 & Bola Kampung Xtrem

• The largest transit network – Asia Media Group Bhd (Digital TV screens on Public Transports) licensed Animasia’s branded content package – Bola Kampung, Cerita Rakyat Asia & ABC Monsters MTV

• ROLL No.21 (a servicing project from Cartoon Network Asia) premier on Cartoon Network India with extremely well received With the good performance, Cartoon Network Asia immediately signed another 52eps x 11min servicing contract with Animasia

• TVN, B-Channel (Top children channel in Indonesia) licensed Bola Kampung all season & premiered the program in February 2011



• Animasia inked Multiple region Home Video distribution deal for “ABC Monsters” with INNOFORM MEDIA Pte Ltd (Singapore) in ATF (Singapore)

• Animasia original creation “ABC Monsters” successfully market into European, sign a multiple regional distribution deals with Neptuno Films for Europe & Latin America in ASIA TV FORUM (Singapore)

• Animasia original creation “Kung Fu Chicken” successfully attracted International investors – Neptuno Films (Spain) & Agogo Entertainment (HK, China) for multi-regional co-production in MIPCOM (Cannes, France)

• “Balla Bowl Movie” premier on Cartoon Network India with very promising result

• “Bola Kampung Xtreme” starts to go on air 2nd April 2010 on RTM

• The brand new season of Bola Kampung 5 started premiering over RTM (Malaysia Govt Channel). The ratings give us the NUMBER ONE rated animated content on RTM

• Animasia receives Co-Production Funding from MAC3 (Malaysia Animation Content Creative Centre) for the “Balla Bowl” project. The document handover is witnessed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia

• “Bola Kampung” – Back To School Promotion 2010 returns with MYDIN Hypermarket heavily promoting the new line of products



• Animasia Studio and Cartoon Network entered into a Co-production arrangement for the creation of “Balla Bowl” Feature movie premiering in 2010 over Cartoon Network India. The MoU Exchange is held in MIPCOM (Cannes, France) and witness by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Foreign Minister and Deputy Minister of International Trade

• Animasia Studio and Majlis Perbandaraan Subang Jaya (MPSJ), the Subang Jaya municipal council, have signed an MOU for the Smart Partnership arrangement to operate and convert the existing Art Gallery at Kompleks 3C in Bandar Sunway to be part of Animasia’s training and showcase centre. It will be name as ANIMASIA CENTRE @3C and will start operations by 1st quarter 2010

• “Bola Kampung” Season 3 starts airing over Disney Channel Asiaevery Thursday and Fridays 11am

• “Supa Strikas” being the first animated series to be broadcasted by STAR Sports Asia. (Feb – June 2009)

• Premier of “Supa Strikas” over RTM 1 on primetime 5pm Sundays (January – March 2009)



• Launching of “Bola Kampung” –Back To School Promotion 2009 with MYDIN Hypermarket. First Malaysia local cartoon brand to be commercialized and spin off to merchandising products

• Animasia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program will join forces with MERCY (Malaysia Medical Relief Society) to develop a range of educational materials to teach children about disaster preventions under the Ministry of Education’s School Preparedness Program

• Another great partner is joining the success for “Bola Kampung” Season 4 where international stationeries brand FABER CASTELL will be exclusive sponsor for RTM broadcast this Nov 2008

• “Bola Kampung” is First Malaysia I.P. to be commercialized and spin-off to various industries (Apparels, Publication, and Merchandise etc) locally and internationally

• Mega Comic “Supa Strikas”, a project created by Strika Entertainment Pty Ltd is releasing its 2D animation series with the production handled by Animasia Studio and Co-Directed by Ah Loong.



• For the second consecutive year, “ABC Monster” was again TOP 30 Most Requested Program at MIPCOM Junior 2007

• Our first Malaysian Animated Series “Bola Kampung” to be shown over DISNEY CHANNEL across 16 Asian countries

• “ABC Monster”, a project funded by the Malaysian Government, was officiated by Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia on 25th August 2007 at Cyberjaya

• “Bola Kampung” is licensed by international cartoon broadcaster Disney Channel (Asia) and broadcasted over major Asian territories. This is the first Malaysian Made animation to be licensed and broadcasted by Disney!!

• Both animation “Cerita Rakyat Asia” and “Bola Kampung” were nominated for Malaysia TV Awards which is the prestigious Anugerah Seri Angskasa for “Best Local Animation”, “Best TV Graphic” and “Best TV Montage”



• Self created animation title “ABC Monster detective” was screened at MIPCOM Junior in Cannes, France and received overwhelming response from the international arena. It was the only Asian concept that manages to go in the TOP 30 “Most Requested Program” at MIPCOM Junior

• “Bola Kampung” characters are chosen for the 49th Merdeka Day (Malaysia Independence Day) celebrations “KIBAR JALUR GEMILANG CAMPAIGN”

• Winner of the RM 50,000 grant for “MSC Malaysia Animation Pitch 2006” with self developed concept “ABC Monster Detective”

• Co-Produced with reputable Malaysian production company Susunan Kreatif Sdn Bhd for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), 26 episodes animation series “Bola Kampung” and launched during World Cup 2006 with the support and exclusive sponsorship by COCA COLA. Currently is the Number 1 Rated animation program (Foreign & Local Animation) on RTM and the Top10 animation program on ALL FREE TELEVISION in Malaysia



• Co-Developed with reputable Malaysian company Susunan Kreatif Sdn Bhd for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), 13 episodes animation series “Cerita Rakyat Asia” featuring more than 200 character designs


• Produced animation trailer “House of Loo” with Australian Director Steve Bristow of Creative License Sdn Bhd and won the Singapore Animation Super Pitch 2004

• Created and Co-Produced animation short film titled “3 Feet Apart” with Singapore based OAKTREE FILMS PTY LTD and won the Bangkok Kinnaree Awards

• Best Animation Short Film 2004